Friday, December 7, 2012

Sex sometimes is extreme sport

    Many times, an enjoyable activity can turn into an extremely painful due to accidents occurring "on duty".
Friday the 13th is considered in many cultures as extremely unlucky, and most superstitious are reluctant even to leave the house to avoid something happen. But not many are aware of the dangers which lurk under the shelter of their homes and very few think of accidents that can occur during a seemingly mundane sex. According to experts, one third of allowances of love end with injury or damage more or less serious.
"Make love, not war!" Says a famous slogan, but not infrequently a room where there was a sex scene look more like a battle, destroyed furniture and objects, while "fighters" exhausted oblojească gets down to wounds received in rush love. "Once I broke my head after my boyfriend elbow overturned a vase on a policioară above the couch where we made love. The cut was not deep, but it was difficult to explain how mother ship fell while I'm watching television quiet, "says Roxana V. (25 years), in Bucuresti.

According to a study in the US, a third of those surveyed admitted that they happened to get injured during intercourse. Moreover, 5% of adults surveyed said they had to chiulească from work during recovery, says ABCNews. In most cases, unfortunate incidents occurred while the persons concerned had sex in unconventional places (stairs, the kitchen table or in closets) or while experiencing new and somewhat acrobatic positions.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Risks in bedroom


     Not all injuries are dealing with acrobatic sex positions, and the most common injuries are strains such as muscle sprains and bruised knees from rubbing the carpet. However, most incidents occur quite frequently used places for sex, such as sofa or shower. Doctors are unable to provide an estimate of the actual number of accidents of this kind just because people are embarrassed to tell the truth.
When it comes to blows, most commonly used excuse is "I slipped in the shower," says Debby Herbenick, a researcher at Indiana University. One of the common problems, she says, are lesions in the vagina of women suffered during a game in May fiery. At the moment, she does not perceive pain, but if discomfort and bleeding persists longer, the physician is required.
Most severe cases of wounds go to the emergency room, and experts here have seen a lot of wonders, writes ABCNews. "People do all kinds of strange things," says Dr. Billy Goldberg, from New York University. Specialist in emergency medicine, Goldberg was already used objects that men and stick them into the rectum. Among the most memorable cases was that a young man who tried to service yourself using a screwdriver. stuck tool but inflicting no pleasure but pain so heinous that he had to call his mother to help him go to the hospital.

The most dangerous injuries that can occur during intercourse penile fractures are. In fact, the term is a misnomer fracture, says Debby Herbenick, explaining that it's actually tearing the sexual organ tissue. The problem is very serious and it is preferable that the unfortunate who has suffered such an accident to go to a doctor, would not come to complications of a permanent nature.